The founders of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the North Atlantic Seafood Forum and a shrimp analyst group will launch a new global shrimp event, aiming to bring together top executives to exchange ideas on moving the $20 billion (€18 billion) industry forward.

The Global Shrimp Forum, founded by ASC, Contango and shrimp consultant Willem van der Pijl, will take place Sept. 6-8 in Utrecht, Netherlands, in what organizers are calling the first conference dedicated to the warmwater farmed shrimp business sector.

Farmed shrimp production has doubled over the past 10 years, but the industry still struggles with fragmentation, disease and other challenges that have kept it from making larger strides, despite it being one of the most widely consumed seafood species worldwide.

The event will focus on a range of topics, including production and market outlooks, technology, regulations and finance.

Van der Pijl, who owns aquaculture consultancy Shrimp Insights, has been named managing director of the new group.

As part of the event, Contango, ASC and Shrimp Insights established the Global Shrimp Forum Foundation (GSFF), an independent nonprofit to serve as a platform for the industry it hopes can "[drive] a sustainable future for the industry."

ASC CEO Chris Ninnes, who will chair the new foundation, said the initiative shows further commitment by the certification group to support responsible aquaculture.

"The warmwater shrimp industry deserves its own independent global platform where all facets of the industry – from exporters to importers, from feed companies to tech companies, retailers and brands but also financial institutions and NGOs, researchers and policy makers - can meet, share expertise and collaborate," Ninnes said.

The global shrimp industry is on track for a bumper 2022, amid a perfect picture of strong demand, supply growth and high prices, according to analysts from Rabobank.