The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission named Tim Novotny its new executive director. He replaces Hugh Link, who is retiring on Jan. 1 after a decade at the helm and 18 years with the commission.

Novotny, who joined the commission in 2017, becomes just the third executive director for the group since 1990. He has spent the majority of his time at the group as its communications manager.

“Tim worked closely with me and is well-versed on the issues facing the industry. I have no doubt he and the commission will continue to be successful going forward," said Link.

The commission is an industry-funded commodity board under the umbrella of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, representing 423 Oregon Dungeness crab permit holders.

Oregon's Dungeness crab fishery is the most valuable single-species fishery in the state.

The global crab market is in turmoil because of the recent cancellation of Alaska red king crab and opilio season because of lower than expected biomass numbers. Additionally, a ban on crab imports from Russia is leading to an overall shortage of the product in global markets.

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