Caviar & Caviar USA has acquired Canada's Northern Divine Aquafarms, a land-based producer of organic white sturgeon and organic coho salmon.

Although the companies are not disclosing the size of the deal, it is believed to be just under $10 million (€9.3 million).

British Columbia-based Northern Divine operates a fully integrated land-based fish farm and hatchery.

In addition to the cured roe of both salmon and sturgeon, the farm is an international supplier of fertilized, female coho eggs to other fish farms.

Caviar & Caviar USA, one of the largest processors and distributors of caviar in the United States, markets products under the "Sasanian Caviar” brand.

The company's main focus will be on the continued development and growth of its sturgeon stock.

"Our synergetic standings in the market provide us with a competitive supply chain in which we expect to obtain a strong position in providing a discerning clientele with a selection of caviar that exceeds in all aspects of quality with a strong focus on sustainability," Caviar & Caviar USA CEO Michael Jalileyan said.

"Furthermore, with continued restriction of open-net sea farms, we plan to explore our options on expanding our salmon farm with both meat and salmon caviar supplies."

Caviar & Caviar currently produces two metric tons of sturgeon caviar a year but is aiming to raise this to 25 metric tons along with 150 metric tons of sturgeon meat.