Two men who were employed at a now-closed fish factory in Denmark were convicted earlier this week of falsifying listeria reports for salmon, according to Danish media group TV2 Nord.

One of the two men charged was a company director.

The men, who worked for the now closed Hirtshals-based salmon export group Jelex Seafood, were convicted of falsifying laboratory reports so that positive listeria tests appeared negative, according to the local TV channel.

The verdict from the local court in Hjorring in Jutland in northern Denmark was a three-month probation for document forgery, said TV2 Nord.

The case was first filmed during a 2018 television program in which a witness made hidden audio recordings and handed over the company's falsified documents.

This led the Danish Food and Drug Administration and the laboratory behind the original listeria tests to report the fish factory to the police.

The salmon was sold to customers in Italy, England and Spain over two months in early 2018, according to local paperBerlinske Tidene.

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