Storm Dennis has passed over the United Kingdom, and Scotland was hit with strong winds and flooding in multiple areas -- but so far, Scottish salmon producers have reported that it is just business as usual, with no substantial damages to operations.

"So far, it’s a pretty typical Scottish winter for us," Andrew Watson, PR representative for Cooke Aquaculture Scotland, told IntraFish.

"We’re used to this kind of weather and able to manage it so that it doesn’t impact operations and we’re able to keep customers happy."

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) and Mowi Scotland also confirmed to IntraFish that there was nothing to report in regard to the storm's impact.

According to a spokesperson from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organization, although the storm hit pretty hard, there haven't been any reports of damages from the major salmon farming companies.

The spokesperson specified that it may still be too early to tell, as companies could still be assessing the situation.

Scotland has already seen a series of storms this year.

In January, SSC and Mowi reported no damage related to Storm Brendan that hit the United Kingdom with rain and wind exceeding 125 kilometers per hour.

But the effects of the storm were felt by Scottish coastal communities due to an "unusual and dangerous combination of high tide, storm surge, and inshore waves," the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said.

In February, Storm Ciara brought wind speeds in excess of 80 mph, as well as heavy flooding.