Salmon egg supplier AquaGen has detected infectious salmon anemia (ISA) during a routine sampling procedure at a site in Northern Norway.

The sample was taken from breeding fish at AquaGen's land-based plant in Bogen in Northern Norway, the company confirmed.

No increased mortality or clinical symptoms have been registered.

Since the start of this year, AquaGen has taken samples of more than 5,000 breeding fish in Bogen, one of which had a positive result.

AquaGen carries out individual screening of all broodstock and the production routines ensure the traceability of roe back to individual broodstock fish.

In the case of ISA detection, the company can distinguish roe produced by broodstock fish testing positive from broodstock fish testing negative, the company said.

In collaboration with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the company is now implementing measures at the plant to return to production as soon as possible.