Norwegian salmon farmer Kvaroy Arctic is mobilizing across several major US cities to hand out over 5,000 salmon-based hot dogs and bottles of water to voters in a campaign titled "Feed the Vote."

"At Kvaroy Arctic, we are not politicians or policy leaders and we are not trying to be," a spokesperson with the company told IntraFish.

"At our core, we are farmers. And so, as we continue to support food banks nationwide, we also came together today to feed people and keep them strong as they waited to exercise their right to vote."

With help from Guerrilla marketing firm-Alterrain, Kvaroy will be stationed by polling locations in Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Oakland throughout the day.

"We are sharing hot dogs and bottles of water with anyone – no questions asked. If we are able to help alleviate the challenges of Election Day, our mission has been achieved," the spokesperson said.

In each city, Kvaroy won't be alone. The company joined forces with food trucks and restaurants, chefs and individuals, to quite literally "Feed the Vote."

Since March, Kvaroy has been engaging with food banks and community kitchens across the United States through a donation program.

"This effort shed light on a harsh reality—our food system isn't built to support our national need for subsidized food, including fish and seafood," the spokesperson said.

"It was through this realization that we came up with an idea—a specific mission: educate, energize, and support voters."

Kvaroy has been selling its whole fish, fillets and frozen portions online to consumers in the United States through New York's Fulton Fish Market since July.

The company sells half a billion kroner ($48.9 million/€45.11 million) worth of salmon a year to the United States.