Lusamerica Foods, a leading seafood wholesaler in the Western United States, has begun distributing Atlantic Sapphire’s "Bluehouse" salmon produced at its land-based aquaculture site in Miami.

More than 200 grocery stores in California are now stocking the salmon.

Lusamerica has carried Atlantic Sapphire's land-based salmon in the past, Lusamerica Communications and Sustainability Manager Peter Adame said.

“We’ve offered Bluehouse salmon for years at Lusamerica, but it’s exciting to start distributing their domestic product coming from their Miami plant, he said. "This is especially great for businesses who are prioritizing climate change and working to reduce their carbon footprint."

Atlantic Sapphire completed the first commercial harvest of salmon from in Miami in late September, increasing the company's product availability.

Atlantic Sapphire long promised its first harvest would take place during September, and managed to make the deadline with just days to go -- a relief for investors scrutinizing every move by the company, which has had its share of hiccups in reaching commercialization.