Norwegian land-based salmon farmer Salmon Evolution has announced the appointment of Bertil Oscar Salen as sales manager to help sell fish through the company's new sales division, Salmon Evolution Sales.

As sales manager, Salen will have a central role in preparing and implementing the company's new sales strategy.

For the past four years, Salen has worked as a sales manager for Norwegian importer Saltimport in Bergen with responsibility for customers and sales related to fisheries and farming in Norway. Prior to this, he worked at Danish transport and logistics company DSV Road where he was responsible for the sale of shipping services to customers in the seafood industry.

Earlier this week, Salmon Evolution gave an update detailing the strong biological performance at its farms reported in the second quarter continues, and the group remains on track for its first commercial salmon harvest in late October or early November.

The first batch of salmon at the facility are now at 3.3 kilograms on average with some individuals well above four kilograms.