Grieg Seafood Newfoundland reached a milestone as the first salmon eggs were put into its new hatchery in Marystown in July.

The construction of Grieg's land-based facility is taking place as planned, and substantial progress has been made with the first feed and smoltification buildings, the company said.

The facility has been commissioned, the first eggs have been put into the hatchery and specialized equipment is installed. The eggs are now hatched, it added.

"We are building up a brand-new region for salmon farming in Placentia Bay, and finally having fish in our hatchery is an important milestone for us," said Candice Way, production manager of Grieg Seafood Newfoundland.

"We will move ahead carefully and steadily based on best practice from Grieg Seafood’s four other regions."

Grieg Seafood established the Newfoundland region in April 2020, with the acquisition of Grieg Newfoundland AS.

The company is building up the new farming region from scratch and the Newfoundland project includes long-term exclusive farming rights to the Placentia Bay area.