Swedish land-based salmon farmer Premium Svensk Lax signed a long-term deal with Benchmark Genetics on Wednesday for the supply of salmon eggs.

In August last year, Premium Svensk Lax became the first company to receive the approval of the Swedish authorities to build a land-based facility for Atlantic salmon in Saffle, Sweden.

The plant, which is designed to produce 10,000 metric tons annually, is scheduled to be in full-scale production in 2024.

Salmon will then be harvested, processed, and delivered five days a week to the Swedish market. The goal is to meet 20 percent of local demand, with opportunities for further growth.

Under the terms of the agreement, Benchmark will provide genetics from its biosecurity facilities in Iceland for a three-year period, with an option for another two years.

"We are working on the groundwork of the plant in Saffle, and the plan is that we will introduce the first eggs in the hatchery in early 2023," said Morten Malle, CEO of Premium Svensk Lax.