The BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) on Friday announced it named a new executive director to head the group.

Brian Kingzett, who joined the association as director of science and policy in July 2021, will take on the new role.

Kingzett replaces John Paul Fraser, who stepped down last year after more than three years with the association. Fraser joined Westerkirk Capital, a Canada-based private equity firm, as its communications director.

Following Fraser's departure, Ruth Salmon has served as interim executive director.

Salmon will step away from the association as she enters retirement, the association said.

The BC salmon farming industry, which is primarily made up of Norway-based producers Grieg Seafood, Mowi and Cermaq, has been under siege in recent years.

In addition to long-standing NGO and First Nations opposition, Canada's Liberal government under Justin Trudeau said in 2019 it would require the farming sector to move away from netpen farming operations by 2025.

In recent months, however, Canada's salmon farming industry has grown more hopeful that the transition plan may not result in a move entirely away from netpen salmon farms when the plan is finalized in 2023.

While Canada Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray has not necessarily backed down on using language to describe the country's plan as a "transition from" netpen salmon farming, she has also not made it clear what Western Canada will be transitioning to land-based salmon farms, either.

The BC salmon farming sector generates an estimated $1.2 billion (€1.1 billion) in economic activity, and supports an estimated 900 jobs across the country.