Tesco unveiled its fifth annual Christmas Report on Thursday, offering a unique look into how UK consumers plan to celebrate Christmas 2022.

Turkey may still be the most popular centerpiece of the meal, picked by 42 percent of respondents, but its popularity as the go-to Christmas dinner choice is beginning to decline as non-traditional dishes such as Salmon Wellington and lobster gain favor, according to the retailer.

In 2018, turkey was the choice for 64 percent of the nation but by 2021 it had fallen to 54 percent. The younger generation is leading the move away from turkey, with only 30 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds picking it as their centerpiece this year compared to 58 percent last year.

Prawn cocktail triumphant

Two-thirds of Brits expect to kick off their festive meal with a starter. According to the report, the retro classic prawn cocktail will be the top choice, with 14 percent of people opting for it as their Christmas Day starter, up from 11 percent last year.

Other types of seafood are also likely to be featured on the Christmas menu, with 10 percent of people opting for a smoked salmon starter, compared to just 5 percent last year, and 7 percent opting for lobster or scallops.

The move will be welcomed by salmon farming giant, Mowi, following news earlier this month that the company is launching two new flavors of smoked Scottish salmon flakes, which will be available in Tesco for £3 (€3.40/$3.40) per pack.

Tesco is the leading grocery retailer in the UK with a consistent share of more than 27 percent of the market, and is classed as one of the "big four" supermarkets along with Asda, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons.

With 4,752 stores and 354,000 employees, the company is the 16th most valuable retail brand worldwide.