The Chilean arm of New York-based smoked seafood firm Acme Smoked Fish has launched an innovation award to promote initiatives to combat climate change.

The "Innovation Award for Climate Change" aims to identify and financially support sustainable solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in the seafood industry.

A prize fund of $40,000 (€39,055) will be split between two winning projects.

"This project is in line with the commitment we have as a company to sustainability and innovation, not only with regard to our production processes and operations, but also how we get involved with our environment.”

Acme's parent company in the United States earlier this year established a similar award competition citing "excellent results" and a large field of participants, including projects from Canada and the United States.

Entries are open to companies until Dec. 20, when projects will be judged by a panel of experts in environmental, marine resources and sustainability issues.

They will take into account a project's capacity to disrupt and replace existing solutions, generate a change across national and international industries, the ability to scale up, and impacts on surrounding communities.

Hit by algal blooms in the early part of 2021, Chilean producer Camanchaca cited the effects of climate change in its third quarter results call last week.

The company is ramping up coho production under a plan to mitigate the effects of climate change in Chile's Los Lagos farming region.