In a heavy week for news and features two stories in particular stood out.

An oblique public statement by Icelandic fishing giant Samherji earlier in the week turned out to be a prelude to the company coming out fighting against corruption allegations.

The cash-for-quotas scandal engulfing Samherji led its CEO to step aside temporarily amid a corruption probe and cost two Namibian cabinet ministers their jobs.

In another headline grabbing story, the world's largest salmon producer Mowi appointed a new CEO who quickly told IntraFish that 'the show goes on.' Analysts were unsurpised by Mowi's CEO switch.

For companies aiming to sell seafood to millennials seafood. IntraFish reporter Demi offered her guide about what to do.

As Nina Unlay found out retail pressure to reduce plastic is putting skinpacked seafood in the crosshairs.

In the Americas, the US Justice Department opened a criminal investigation into farmed salmon anti-trust allegations, subpoening Mowi and Leroy in the process.

Across the border Canada-based food distributor Premium Brands widened its portfolio with lobster and fishing businesses.

Further south in the hemisphre Rabobank said Peru's anchovy quota hike and swine fever will keep fishmeal prices low into 2020.

Finally, Norebo sees an edge in Russia's move toward single-frozen whitefish with executives confident that investments from the Russian government will be good for the Atlantic cod and pollock sector in particular.

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