The question when presenting a round up of this week's seafood news is where to start. Here are some of the stories that have grabbed attention.

Perhaps the biggest story of the week has been the impact of civil unrest in Chile on the country's salmon industry, which is facing paralysis if protests continue to prevent consignments reaching their export destinations.

Another attention grabber was Acme's acquisition of a US seafood smoker.

After Canadian Prime Minister lost his majority but retained power Mowi's CEO predicted the leader will change his mind on moving salmon farming in British Columbia on land.

With teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg making waves on the international stage, and what she says and does perhaps having future implications for the seafood industry, IntraFish editor Rachel Mutter asks, "Who's afraid of a little girl?"

Antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance are among the most critical issues facing the aquaculture industry, and while progress is being made, experts are split on how to best communicate with consumers about the issue as Demi Korban discovered.

Iceland's Brim is another company in acquisition mode, picking up two seafood companies as the company focuses on Atlantic cod.

Norwegian salmon farmer SalMar this week announced that its founder is taking over the CEO role as the company develops its ocean-based fish farming business.

As Rabobank analysts predict that land based salmon farming could become a disruptive technology over the next decade, it is being suggested that the success of land-based salmon could spark marketing wars between between land-based and netpen produced brands in the future.

Still on the subject of land-based projects, Atlantic Sapphire said it has successfully transfered 500,000 salmon and that fish will be for sale next June.

Finally, the largest shellfish economy in the US could be shut down by a permitting issue as Rachel Sapin reports.

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