British Columbia (BC)-based fish processor Brown's Bay Packing is responding with its own footage to a viral video of bloody effluent leaving a 91-feet-deep pipeline.

"After the inaccurate claims hit the news with a new video, we sent our own divers down with video cameras to capture what’s actually going on," the company said in a newly released video Thursday.

"The YouTube video on this link gives you a brief look at what’s happening both above and below the water - unedited and unfiltered. This is what it actually looks like, straight up."

The video shows the entire water treatment process at the plant, from the fish factory to the infamous end of the pipe where the bloody effluent was captured on film.

Dave Stover, co-owner and managing director of Brown’s Bay Packing Company, narrates the video, and recently told IntraFish he did not dispute activist Tavish Campbell's underwater blood pipe footage, but said it's not what the water looks like today.

"We can demonstrate what's going down the pipe, we've got great video of the water flowing over, and it looks clear," he said.

One shot in particular (around 2:27 minutes in) shows a side-by-side comparison of the activists video taken earlier this fall, which Stover describes as "footage that was misrepresented as current through inaccurate reporting."

The company's own diver-shot footage on the right, Stover says, is the company's operation today, "with no fancy filters, or editing."

"Since 1989, the monitoring that we have completed has concluded that we have no lasting impact on our surroundings," he concludes.

The BC Salmon Farmers Association released their first statement regarding the controversy Wednesday stating in a tweet the activist video is a misrepresentation of the processor's current operations.