Icelandic food processing equipment maker Skaginn 3X reached a deal with Norebo’s Polar Sea+ in September to supply the company with an automatic processing line for wet-salted klippfisk.

The line is scheduled to be set up in early 2020 and is designed to gently handle the fish and produce superior quality bacalao for export markets in southern Europe, South America and Africa.

“It will be the largest of its kind in the Northern Atlantic, with a capacity of producing 50 tons of finished product per day and the capability of processing saltfish for various different markets with minimal changes," said Skaginn 3X’s Regional Sales Manager for Russia, Petur Jakob Petursson.

“Polar Sea+ came to us looking for a modern, high-capacity saltfish factory. Our answer was to design an environment that would provide an effective and even flow with quality at the forefront.”

The processing line will mainly be comprised of a RoteX Supreme Thawing system, a brine mixing station and an ergonomic trimming station.

The RoteX Supreme Thawing system provides full temperature and thawing control. The system offers improved food safety, energy and water savings, as well as guaranteeing minimal drip loss, which results in higher yield, the company said.

The brine mixing station is fully automatic and will deliver precise mixtures to delivery stations within the factory.

The trimming station is specifically designed with workers in mind, creating a safe and ergonomic working environment.

Polar Sea+, which is owned by Russian seafood giant Norebo, operates a fish processing factory, which was also designed by Skaginn 3X and is one of the most advanced in the North Atlantic, manufacturing a large variety of fresh and frozen products from fish landed by Norebo’s Russian fleet.

“We chose to work with Skaginn 3X again on this project because their innovative products and solutions have delivered outstanding quality in the past,” said Vladmir Zagorovsky, general director of Polar Sea+.