Amid the continuing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, IntraFish journalists covered much ground to bring an array of news reports, features and opinion to readers.

Capturing most attention in the past week was the Trump administration's signing of an executive order to jump-start US aquaculture and boost seafood self-sufficiency.

In a follow up to this story IntraFish illustrated in chart form just why Trump wants to Make American Aquaculture Great.

As coronavirus uncertainties spread, companies around the world are pulling out all stops to insulate themselves from the potential fallout. Aquaculture feed giants say this makes R&D 'more important than ever'.

Another sure fire attention-getter was IntraFish's exclusive look at the salaries of the highest-paid CEOs in seafood.

The aquaculture world was shaken this week with news that armed intruders discharged weapons during an arson attack that devastated Chilean salmon farmer Cermaq's offices.

In her latest column, IntraFish Editor Rachel Mutter argues for one of the world's most traveled commodities, it may not be easy, but will be necessary in a changed world of caution and localization for seafood to end its overseas adventures

Meanwhile, Trident Seafoods said it will keep one of its Alaska processing facility closed for the season, citing Covid-19 concerns.

Since the UK fish and chip industry greeted the nation's lockdown with as many as 80 percent of shop owners turning their window signs around to "closed" the sector has been rebounding from coronavirus driven on by a wartime spirit.

As processors battle to keep their workers safe from contagion an Ocean Beauty worker was first reported case of Covid-19 its Alaska seafood facility.

With seemingly no plans to slow down investments and a rebounding market, IntraFish Executive Editor Drew Cherry asks, Is farmed salmon immune to coronavirus?

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