The week started with the big news that Thai Union and co-investors taking over US seafood restaurant giant Red Lobster, a strategic move IntraFish found out more about in conversations with analysts later in the week.

As the US State Department investigates encounters between a fleet of Russian warships and US groundfish vessels in US waters video footage captured a Russian warship's warning.

Mowi, the world's largest salmon farmer announced it could face a 10 percent staff reduction over the next four years if the company fails to grow, leaving staff wondering just where the cuts may come.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to batter the salmon industry, farmers swallowed a lethal cocktail of high costs and low prices in the second quarter.

Challenges related to the coronavirus have delayed construction and boosted the cost of the work by land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire, which has taken a $30 million hit on delays and costs.

In a boost for Grieg Seafood the firm was granted new licenses, allowing for 30,000 metric tons of additional farmed salmon production in Canada.

Other positive news for the sector saw Seafood giant Dongwon announce it will build a $168 million land-based salmon farm in South Korea.

Salmar's offshore sea cage was the first of its kind to receive development permits for salmon farming in Norway. It was supposed to be escape-proof; So why are salmon escaping?

In Chile truckers ended a seven-day strike on Sept. 2 that has been impacting exports of salmon to major markets but it was expected to take up to 10 days for the US market situation to normalize.

Finally this week AquaBounty's GM farmed salmon project is facing a legal setback after a Federal judge in California indicated he was inclined to order the FDA to review the site's potential environmental threats more closely.