First on the headlines last week: With Chileans salmon producers having had a tough opening five months to the year, we asked the question: Why is Chilean farmed salmon is selling for so much less than Norwegian?

As Akva inked a deal for a massive US land-based salmon farm, taking an equity stake in the process, project developer AquaCon unveiled plans to launch a private placement to raise funds during the second half of this year, a precursor to an eventual initial public offering (IPO) on the Oslo Stock Exchange's Merkur Market in the first half of 2021.

Meanwhile, Swedish multinational furniture giant IKEA said land-based salmon fits into its foodservice plans along with alternative feeds fit under a "circular" food supply strategy.

But the news on land-based salmon didn't stop there. Norway-based Ecofisk revealed it has been granted a production license to produce 40,000 metric tons of fish at its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in Rogaland.

A new United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report on fisheries and aquaculture shows farmed fish production continues to smash records -- a trend that's expected for a long time to come.

As US President Donald Trump promised the seafood industry lower tariffs and fewer regulations, he told leaders from Maine's fishing industry, "You're so lucky I'm president."

While an executive order by Trump seeks to streamline fisheries regulations and promote more fair seafood trade, much of the value of this executive order will be determined by whether the United States evolves into the aquaculture powerhouse it has been threatening to become for nearly 30 years, IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo argues.

Back in Norway salmon giant Mowi identified the culprit in a mass smolt die-off that resulted in resulted in the death of 35,000 smolt during transportation between two of its plants in Nordland.

In the frozen sphere, Young's Seafood and Birds Eye were buoyed as retail frozen fish sales outpaced chilled for first time in over a decade, amid the coronavirus health crisis.

Finally this week, IntraFish spoke with the smoked fish supplier recovering after coronavirus pushed it right to the edge.

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