Russian Fishery Company (RFC), one of the country's largest producers of whitefish, kick-started commercial production at its pollock processing facility in Primoriye in the Far East, which was built as part of Russia's investment quota program.

The company inked a supply contract with retail chain Samberi on the first day of production.

The facility can produce up to 155 metric tons of finished products per day, mainly frozen pollock fillets, mince briquettes and steaks.

The plant is expected to contribute more than RUB 7 billion (€77.8 million/$90.6 million) in the first 10 years of operations.

Additionally, the company will produce around 20 metric tons of fish oil and fishmeal per day from the waste created from the main production.

The new facility will create an additional 130 to 150 jobs in the region in 2020 and up to 350 jobs once the facility goes to two-shift routines.

RFC and its joint venture partner Agama Group sold their Murmansk-based cod processing plant, Russian Cod, which was launched last August.

Meanwhile, in June, the company consolidated a 100 percent stake in the authorized capital of the Russian Pollock LLC - a new pollock processing factory under construction near Vladivostok.

The move essentially confirmed RFC's new focus on the development of its Far Eastern assets.

The company released a video giving a look inside the facility (in Russian):