An investigation is ongoing at Trident Seafoods' processing plant in Akutan, Alaska, after roughly 5,000 pounds of ammonia allegedly spilled in late January, reported KUCB.

According to Crystal Smith of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the spill happened during a purge of the company's refrigeration system. She also said the plant reported the leak to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) two weeks after the incident.

"They're doing some investigation to see if it was during the purge that they lost all 5,000 pounds [or] if there was a leak in the system," said Smith.

Trident did not respond to the publication's requests for comment.

"At this point, we have not received any health reports, and they don't believe it got captured in areas where it could condense and cause health impacts."

Trident will be submitting an investigation report to the DEC, after which further steps can be taken.