After announcing its decision to exit the Russian market March 7, Lithuania-based surimi company Viciunai Group is accelerating the process, with the employment of consultants from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia expanding the list of potential buyers.

It is expected that the sale process will be completed in about three months, the company said in a LinkedIn post.

"We must admit that the first weeks after the war were chaotic and we were distracted and made mistakes," said Dainius Matijosaitis, a member of the board and brother of the CEO of Viciunai Group.

"The decision to leave Russia completely helped to refine the goals quickly, and a team of professionals from EY gave the sales process a new impetus and a clear structure," he said, adding that he now thinks the company is one of the "leaders" in the Russian exit process.

"I do not rule out the possibility that the authorities may start to get stuck in the wheels, but so far the process is relatively smooth."

He also assured investors and customers that Viciunai would be selling its business in Russia without a "return ticket."

"It is announced that some Western concerns are selling their businesses for a symbolic price, but retain the option to repurchase the shares after an indefinite period. We will not do that - we are leaving Russia permanently," he said.

Viciunai lost its logistics warehouse in Ukraine, which burned down after Russian artillery fire.