Massachusetts-based seafood supplier Slade Gorton has decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of its Russian inventory to two nonprofits helping people in Ukraine.

CEO Kim Gorton told attendees at the IntraFish Seafood Leadership Breakfast in Boston on March 14 that while the company does not have a "tremendous amount of inventory from Russia," it has been focused on humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The company plans to donate proceeds of the sale of products, including cod and haddock, to Doctors Without Borders and Project Dynamo. The aid groups have been providing medical care to people in the war-torn country as well as evacuating civilians in recent weeks.

"Both organizations are on the ground in Ukraine providing humanitarian aid," the CEO told IntraFish.

"It was important to us that we find a creative solution to ensuring this food did not go to waste, while at the same time doing our small part to aid those most affected by this devastating crisis."

Slade Gorton is not sourcing any product from Russia currently, she said.