Oregon-based Pacific Seafood has reopened a processing facility belonging to BC Fisheries in the Port of Brookings, Oregon, that was closed earlier this year because of COVID-related troubles.

The $9.6 million (€8.1 million) plant built by BC Fisheries LLC in 2016 closed earlier this year, leaving about 30 workers without jobs and 15 local shrimp trawlers without convenient access to a buyer, reports the Curry Coastal Pilot.

Pacific Seafood has now taken over the lease and reopened the plant to begin processing shrimp at least for the remainder of the season.

A spokesperson for Pacific Seafood told the Curry Coastal Pilot the company has agreed to lease and operate the facility for the balance of the 2020 shrimp season in order to preserve markets for the independent commercial fishing fleet in this area, but is still evaluating the company's ability to continue operating there in future years.

The plant reopened on July 20 and hopes to process three to five million pounds of shrimp through the end of the season in October, according to local media reports.