Norwegian salmon prices are looking stable -- if not “creeping up” -- heading into next week, industry players told IntraFish on Friday afternoon.

One farmer told IntraFish that prices are creeping up a little, but remain at a stable level.

“It looks very good with a weakened currency and a stronger Norwegian kroner," the farmer said.

The farmer is reporting prices of NOK 57 (€5.90/$6.80) per kilogram for sizes 3-4 kilos; NOK 58 (€6/$6.90) per kilogram for sizes 4-5 kilos; and NOK 59 (€6.10/$7.10) per kilogram for sizes 5-6 kilos -- roughly the same level as last Friday.

Another producer reported similar prices and said there was a small increase due to currency changes.

For salmon larger than 7 kilos, he reported prices in the range of NOK 67 (€6.90/$8) to NOK 68 (€7/$8.10) per kilogram.

Other exporters reported the same price levels to IntraFish.

However, producers warned it's still been difficult to transport fish.

“I would say that this is not an issue that is resolved overnight,” one said.

Additionally, the salmon farmer expects there will be less fish in two to three weeks.

“I think the biggest problems with transport have been over the last four weeks, due to high volumes,” he said.

Another producer said the situation has been as expected throughout the week.

“There has been no decline despite transport chaos and delays, I think the market is very strong,” he said.

Meanwhile, an exporter told IntraFish that large volumes are going out.

“We do not see anything explosive in this, but we are working on a stronger kroner and that is not positive for us,” he said.

“It is a bit early to say yet [on prices], we have not closed anything."

Several other exporters also said it was too early to say anything about prices and markets.

This week, IntraFish was given the following range of prices:

  • Sizes 3–4 kilos – NOK 55 (€5.70/$6.60) to NOK 58 (€6/$6.90) per kg
  • Sizes 4–5 kilos – NOK 56 (€5.80/$6.70) to NOK 58 (€6/$6.90) per kg
  • Sizes 5–6 kilos – NOK 57 (€5.90/$6.80) to NOK 60 (€6.20/$7.20) per kg
  • Sizes 6 kilos and above – NOK 63 (€6.50/$7.50) to NOK 68 (€7/$8.10) per kg

The Norwegian Statistics Bureau (SSB) export prices for the past week -- which lag by one week -- also reported a slight rise: