Norwegian salmon prices for delivery next week are largely stable, market sources said.

However there is some expectation that prices could end Friday trading slightly higher than a week ago.

Prices appeared to be settling after slight falls during the week, while a couple of processing plants cancelled operations because of inclement weather, an exporter said.

"But now I think we are back where we were last Friday, plus NOK 1-2 (€0.09-€0.19/$0.10-$0.20)," the exporter said, citing NOK 62-68 (€6.06-€6.25/$6.25-$6.85) for the main industrial sizes and NOK 75 (€7.32/$7.56) for larger fish.

For fish weighing 7 kilo and over the exporter signalled prices of NOK 78-79 (€7.62-€7.72/$7.86-$7.96).

"There has been a lot of fish available, and many are between two to five kilos. There are many who process fish between three and four kilos gutted weight," the exporter said.

As Christmas approaches the combination of volume and slightly greater demand means that sellers can see a slight uplift in prices, the exporter added.

A producer said that the price of 3-4 kilo salmon has moved a bit higher having sold fish of that size for NOK 64/kg (€6.25/$6.45).

Export volumes were down last week, compared to last year. It was also down compared to the previous week, the producer said.

"We had the lowest export week since mid-August. It is natural at this time of year. The peak is in weeks 38–39. But now it is lower than last year as well. There are things that indicate that the journey up into the NOK70s starts now,"

The producer reported making sales at between NOK 64-71 (€6.25-€6.94/$6.45-$7.15) for fish between 3 and 6 kilos.

Another exporter cited prices between NOK 60-65 (€5.86-€6.35/$6.05-$6.55) for the main industrial sizes.

"We envisioned a continuation of this week in price. You could say that the prices should have been lower, the krone has strengthened quite a bit."

In IntraFish survey of market sources revealed the following prices:

  • 3–4 kg – NOK 60–64 (€5.86-€6.25/$6.05-$6.45)/kg
  • 4–5 kg – NOK 61–67 (€5.96-€6.54/$6.14-$6.75)/kg
  • 5–6 kg – NOK 65–71(€6.35-€6.94/$6.55-$7.15)/kg
  • 6 kg + - NOK 75 (€7.33/$7.55)/kg (depending on whether it is for airfreight or not).