Norwegian famed salmon exporters and producers are divided on prices headed into next week, and many market players are finding it difficult to reach an agreement both sides are happy with.

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While exporters would prefer to pay the same as last week – when the price moved up by at least NOK 4 (€0.4/$0.46)- NOK 5 (€0.50/$0.57) -- salmon producers see things differently, one exporter told IntraFish.

Last week, salmon prices ranged from NOK 65 (€6.50/$7.50) to NOK 72 (€7.20/$8.30), depending on weight classes.

One exporter said it is currently “difficult to reach the finish line” with some sales on Friday afternoon.

“It is very confusing, and we hear prices all over the board,” he said. “There is a wide gap in the field.”

The exporter believes that salmon prices will land at NOK 70 (€7/$8) and with a difference of between NOK 1 (€0.10/$0.11) to NOK 2 (€0.20/$0.23) on the various sizes.

Wild card

The price for fish 6 kilograms or more -- which predominantly go to China -- is the “wild card” this week, said an exporter.

The exporter expects prices will be NOK 76 (€7.60/$8.70) per kilogram, but added that customers in China demand specific packaging, which requires more time from the packers and could put a brake on sales.

Another exporter who ships to China said he has not made any purchases yet.

A third exporter said it has taken many calls to get a sale.

"There is less volume going out and prices are high," he said.

The exporter reported prices from NOK 70 (€7/$8) to NOK 74 (€7.40/$8.50) on the various weight classes.

Meanwhile, a salmon producer told IntraFish Friday mid-day that he is extremely reluctant to sell at the offered prices.

"It could be a long Friday," he said.

IntraFish attempted to reach several additional salmon farmers Friday without success.

Industry players are reporting the following prices for delivery next week:

  • Sizes 3 to 4 kilos -- NOK 69 (€6.90/$7.90) to NOK 70 (€7/$8) per kg
  • Sizes 4 to 5 kilos -- NOK 71 (€7.10/$8.10) to NOK 72 (€7.20/$8.30) per kg
  • Sizes 5 to 6 kilos – NOK 73 (€7.30/$8.40) to NOK 74 (€7.40/$8.50) per kg
  • Sizes 6 kilos and above – NOK 76 (€7.60/$8.70) per kg