The average price of Norwegian farmed salmon dropped 7.7 percent to NOK 45.59 (€4.57/$5.07) per kilo in week 34, compared to the same time last week, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

Prices are 11.8 percent lower than they were last month and 16.9 percent lower than three months ago.

Prices plummeted across all the major weight categories.

Fish in the 4 to 5 kilo weight class, with a 40.3 percent market share, saw prices drop NOK 3.96 (€4.58/$5.08) to NOK 45.66 (€4.58/$5.08) per kilo compared to the week prior.

Prices of salmon in the 3 to 4 kilo size, the second most popular category, slipped NOK 2.64 (€0.40/$0.44) to NOK 42.48 (€4.26/$4.73) per kilo in comparison to last week.

DNB and Pareto recently reported salmon stock prices fell significantly after several salmon companies reported weaker-than-expected second quarter results.