Norwegian farmed salmon prices decreased by almost 7 percent in week 44 compared to the week prior, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

Prices this week are at NOK 47.24 (€4.60/$5.10) per kilogram, which is 17 percent more than a month ago but 6 percent less than three months ago.

Prices fell for all of the popular weight classes.

Fish in the most popular weight class, the 3-4 kilo size, dropped by NOK 3.82 (€0.38/$0.42) in week 44 to NOK 45.75 (€4.50/$5). This category has a 33 percent market share.

The 4-5 kilo weight class also declined by NOK 3.83 (€0.38/$0.42) compared to the week prior to NOK 48.35 (€4.80/$5.30).