Norwegian farmed salmon prices fell another 7.6 percent in week 36 to an average of NOK 46.20 (€4.70/$5.20) per kilo, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

Prices are 8.3 percent lower than a month ago and 34.4 percent less than three months ago.

Fish of all the most popular sizes saw a drop during the past week.

Prices of salmon in the 4-5 kilo weight class, with the highest market share of 33.1 percent, dipped NOK 2.95 (€0.30/$0.33) to NOK 46.62 (€4.70/$5.20) per kilo in the past week.

Prices of the second most popular category, the 3-4 kilo weight class, also shrunk NOK 3.01 (€0.3/$0.34) to NOK 42.98 (€4.30/$4.80) per kilo in week 36.

Salmon prices have been under pressure amid abundant availability, several buyers and sellers told IntraFish last week.