The average price of Norwegian farmed salmon increased by 9.6 percent to NOK 49.97 (€4.99/$5.49) per kilo in week 35, compared to the same time last week, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

Prices remained relatively flat compared to a month ago, and 16.9 percent lower than three months ago.

Prices increased across all the major weight categories.

Fish in the 4 to 5 kilo weight class, with a 36.4 percent market share, saw prices increase NOK 3.91 (€0.39/$0.43) to NOK 49.57 (€4.95/$5.44) per kilo compared to the week prior.

Prices of salmon in the 3 to 4 kilo size, the second most popular category, went up NOK 3.51 (€0.35/$0.39) to NOK 45.99 (€4.59/$5.05) per kilo in comparison to last week.