Norwegian farmed salmon prices continued to fall in week 40, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

The average price of salmon in week 40 was down 3.5 percent from last week to NOK 40.50 (€4.03/$4.42).

Salmon prices are around 12 percent lower than a month prior and around 35 percent lower than three months ago.

Fish in the most popular weight class, the 3-4 kilo size, dropped by NOK 1.30 (€0.13/$0.14) in week 40 to NOK 39.33 (€3.92/$4.29). This category has a 34 percent market share.

The 4-5 kilo weight class also declined by NOK 0.53 (€0.05/$0.06) compared to the week prior to NOK 42.76 (€4.26/$4.67).

Norwegian analysts at Sparebank 1 say that while prices are still low, there seems to be more balance in the Norwegian salmon market, with reduced harvest pressure, relating to maximum allowed biomass, and increasing demand from the EU.