Norwegian farmed salmon prices continued their downward spiral in week 47, dropping NOK 2.81 (€0.33/$0.29) per kilo -- or 5.3 percent -- on average over the week, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

The average price per kilo during the week was NOK 49.95 (€5.14/$5.80) per kilo.

These prices are down 10.2 percent, or NOK 5.67 (€0.58/$0.66) per kilo, on average compared with a month ago. Prices were also down 7.7 percent or NOK 4.17 (€0.43/$0.49) per kilo, compared with 12 weeks ago, said Nasdaq.

All major weight classes saw decreases during the week.

The most popular size during the week was 4-5 kilograms -- accounting for 36.9 percent of the total farmed salmon traded.

Fish this size were selling at an average price of NOK 50.32 (€5.18/$5.85) per kilo, down NOK 3.17 (€0.33/$0.37) per kilo compared with the week prior.

The second-most popular size was 3-4 kilograms, accounting for around 25 percent of the total market.

These fish were selling at average prices of NOK 48.76 (€5.02/$5.67) per kilo, down NOK 1.82 (€0.19/$0.21) per kilo on average week-on-week.