The average price of Norwegian farmed salmon jumped to NOK 70.39 (€7.20/$8.10) per kilo in week 24, a 17 percent increase from the week before.

Compared with a month ago, prices were up just under 12 percent, and they were up nearly 6 percent compared with three months ago, according to Nasdaq.

Price gains of over NOK 10 (€1.00/$1.10) per kilo were seen for all weight classes.

Fish in the 4-5 kilo weight class, the most popular category with a nearly 29 percent market share, saw average prices at NOK 73.11 (€7.50/$8.40), up NOK 12.30 (€1.30/$1.40) compared with the previous week.

The 3-4 kilo weight class, the second most popular category, saw prices at NOK 68.68 (€7.00/$7.90) which was up compared to the previous week by NOK 11.81 (€1.20/$1.40).

Prices for the 5-6 kilo weight class also jumped NOK 11.26 (€1.10/$1.30) to NOK 76.30 (€7.80/$8.70).


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