The average price of Norwegian farmed salmon remained relatively flat at NOK 66.76 (€6.97/$7.87) per kilo in week 15, a less than 1 percent fall from the previous week, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

Farmed salmon prices are nearly 7 percent lower compared with a month ago, but have increased nearly 11 percent from three months ago.

Prices for the most popular weight category also remained flat compared to the previous week, though prices are likely to rise to levels above NOK 70 (€7.30/$8.20) per kilogram heading into Easter weekend.

Fish in the 4-5 kilo weight class, the most popular category with a 29.8 percent share of sales, saw prices at NOK 68.25 (€7.13/$8.50) per kilo on average, up NOK 0.01 (€0.00/$0.00) compared with the week before.

The 3-4 kilo weight class, the second most popular category, saw average prices at NOK 66.50 (€6.94/$7.84) per kilo, down NOK 0.37 (€0.04/$0.04) compared with the previous week.