In August, Norway exported NOK 8.6 billion (€862.3 million/$947.9 million) worth of seafood, up by 9 percent from last year. Total export sales were up for most major species.


Salmon exports totaled roughly 104,000 metric tons with a value of NOK 6.2 billion (€621.7 million/$683.3 million), showing a growth of 5 percent.

According to the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), regional price differences are bigger than ever before, as the price for salmon per kilogram was NOK 14.19 (€1.40/$1.60) higher in Asia and NOK 16.47 (€1.60/$1.80) higher in North America. The average price in the EU was NOK 52.43 (€5.30/$5.80).

The council also reported a high increase in demand from the Chinese market for salmon. Within the EU, Poland, Denmark, and France were the biggest markets.


Norway exported 5,808 metric tons of trout totaling a value of NOK 325 million (€32.6 million/$35.8 million), up 45 percent from last year, with Belarus, the United States and Thailand the largest markets.


This month, prices for fresh cod were at a near-high for the entire year at NOK 40.90 (€4.10/$4.50) per kilogram, 31 percent higher than last year. Exports were worth NOK 226 million (€22.7 million/$24.9 million), representing an increase in value by 25 percent. China, the UK, and Denmark were the largest markets.