Prices for Chilean salmon headed into the United States ground to a halt in week 34, with prices of salmon shipped to Brazil and China dropping slightly, according to figures from DataSalmon.

The average wholesale price for D trim Atlantic salmon shipped from Chile into the United States was $4.97 (€4.50) per pound for the second week running, after a small increase of $0.02 (€0.02) the week prior.

The wholesale price for head-on size 10-12 salmon going into the Brazilian increased dropped back down by $0.01 (€0.01) per kilo, to an average of $5.99 (€5.50).

Prices for salmon headed to China also fell after their prior surge in week 33, by $0.29 (€0.26) per kilo, to an average of $9.54 (€8.70).