Norwegian farmed salmon prices are picking up again after hoovering for weeks at rock bottom levels, industry sources told IntraFish.

"This week has been stronger than we thought," a European exporter told IntraFish.

"We think it's because in many places the holidays are over and more businesses are up and running again, however, the level is still low compared to what it has been at the same time before."

The exporter reported prices of €4.40 ($5.20) for 3-4 kilogram weight class delivered to Denmark.

Another farmer in northern Norway reported a NOK 3 (€0.28/$0.33) - NOK 4 (€0.38/$0.44) jump in prices this week.

"We think the market seems vibrant, demand is good and it started to pick up from Monday already. Prices have increased throughout the week," the farmer said.

"We are fine with fish and have already sold half already today," the farmer told IntraFish.

Another exporter reported prices ranging between NOK 44 (€4.10/$4.90) and NOK 46 (€4.30/$5.10) for popular sized salmon.

"It seems that prices are going up from this week, but how much we have little idea about," the exporter said.

However, the exporter mentioned little fish in the market this week and anticipation for a greater price increase as of next week.

IntraFish was given the following prices:

  • 2–3 kilograms: NOK 39 (€3.70/$4.30) - NOK 40 (€3.76/$4.45) per kilogram
  • 3–4 kilograms: NOK 45 (€4.20/$5.00) - NOK 46 (€4.30/$5.10) per kilogram
  • 4–5 kilograms: NOK 48 (€4.50/$5.30) - NOK 49 (€4.60/$5.50) per kilogram
  • 5–6 kilograms: NOK 54 (€5.10/$6.00) - NOK 55 (€5.20/$6.10) per kilogram
  • 6+ kilograms: NOK 59 (€5.60/$6.60) - NOK 61 (€5.70/$6.80) per kilogram