Feed. It is the aquaculture industry’s biggest cost, with pressure on key ingredients meaning it accounts for some 70 percent of business expenditure.

Against this background the industry is constantly striving to strike a new balance, both to sustain resources, but also to reduce cost, produce a nutritious protein and provide a more financially sustainable future for the sector.

In an exclusive new indepth industry report IntraFish tackles the status of global aquaculture feed supplies, laying out the key trends in supplies and markets, the raft of new ingredients and the companies laying a new path.

This 80 page report drills down on:

  • The outlook for the feed industry's fishmeal and fish oil supply
  • The price outlook for key ingredients
  • Sustainability and traceability issues
  • Farmed fish nutritional needs
  • Key fishmeal and fish oil suppliers
  • Alternative ingredients
  • Profiling key feed and alternatives suppliers

Sourcing statistics, research and opinion from a vast range of resources and industry experts, this report is an essential read for anyone supplying, part of or buying from the aquaculture nutrition sector.

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