Aquaculture health, genetics and nutrition business Benchmark Holdings CEO Trond Williksen was among the C-suite executives who increased their stakes in Benchmark through its share option plan.

Williksen was granted 1,500,000 ordinary shares worth £0.1 (€0.11/$0.13) each, for a total of £150,000 (€168,000/$190,000).

CFO Septima Maguire was granted 600,000 ordinary shares at the same price, for a total of £60,000 (€67,000/$76,000).

The options granted have a vesting period of three years and could be exercised up until 10 years after the grant date.

Non-executive chairman Peter George and non-executive Director Yngve Myhre also bought shares in the company on June 5.

Benchmark recently reported another dip in quarterly earnings as the shrimp sector in particular felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from continuing operations fell 12 percent to £4.6 million (€5.1 million/$5.7 million), while revenues fell 15 percent to £32 million (€35.5 million/$39.4 million).