Chelsea Andrews has been hired as Asia sales director for Norwegian hatchery feed company Molofeed.

Andrews joins from US shrimp breeder American Penaeid, where she was vice president for just over a year, leading the company's Asia expansion.

Before that, she spent over seven years with Canadian company Xpertsea, across Canada, Vietnam and India.

She will be based in Mumbai, India.

Molofeed's CEO resigned this month.

Marcell Boaventura held the position for just over three years, during which time the Aqua-Spark backed company developed processes and products, scaled production and built an R&D aquaculture facility in Brazil.

Investment group Aqua-Spark’s ploughed NOK 10 million (€861,000/$934,000) into Molofeed in 2019 to help address the challenge that shrimp and many marine fish species must be fed live feed as larvae.

Molofeed has since invented a technology to effectively deliver “pre-digested” key ingredients to newly spawned fish and shrimp in the form of hydrolyzed proteins -- amino acids and peptides -- and packaged them in a microscopically small capsule, tiny enough for shrimp and fish larvae to consume and digest.

The ingredients are largely produced from byproducts of the Norwegian cod fishing industry delivered to Molofeed’s pilot plant in Bergen, Norway.

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