US land-based salmon farmer AquaCon has hired David Enggaard Pedersen as Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Engineering Manager.

Norway-based Pedersen began a RAS consultancy back in 2018 after years in the engineering industry, most recently as product designer and project manager at PolyTech, a Danish company providing lightning protection and other engineering solutions to the wind energy industry.

Pedersen is the eldest son of Ole Enggaard Pedersen, who claims to be one of the world's first RAS farmers, building a farm for European eel in 1982. David was raised on the farm, according to his RAS-CON profile.

AquaCon has a site in Maryland, on the US east coast, with potential for up to 100,000 metric tons of production and is already far along in the process of permitting and securing contracts for construction, AquaCon Executive Chairman Henrik Tangen told IntraFish back in June.

AquaCon is registered in Norway, and has assembled a team of experienced Norwegian land-based salmon farming executives for the project, including former Mowi Head of Fresh Water Operations Paal Haldorsen, who will serve as CEO; former Atlantic Sapphire Denmark MD Ole-Christian Norvik, who will serve as COO; and AquaTech Solutions founder Ole Enggaard Pedersen as CTO. Former Mowi COO Marit Solberg will serve on the board.

Aquaculture equipment supplier Akva Group is signed up to a $130 million (€115 million) contract to construct the farm followed promptly by a proposed private placement and the announcement of its eventual public listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange's Merkur Market in the first half of 2021.

The $1 billion (€885 million) project plans 45,000 metric tons of head-on gutted production across three phases, with 15,000 metric tons HOG at each facility located on three nearby sites on the eastern shore to be built over a 5 year period, with a planned construction start date in the first quarter of next year.


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