Swiss Blue Salmon, a Zurich-based startup that plans to build a land-based salmon farm, has appointed Sune Moller as its new chief technical officer (CTO).

Moller comes most recently from Netherlands-based yellowtail farmer The Kingfish Company, where he served as head of construction since 2019.

Prior to that, he worked at Danish-based Billund Aquaculture, where he held project manager roles.

Swiss Blue is not the first land-based producer in the country. Swisslachs, another Swiss land-based salmon farmer, has been operational since 2016.

The group is raising capital to expand its overall capacity to 1,800 metric tons -- double its current level.

The company harvested its first batch of salmon in 2018, but it still needs to optimize processes to reach its initial 600-metric-ton target.

In 2019, Swisslachs harvested 300 metric tons of salmon at an average weight of 3.1 kilograms.