Skretting Norway has promoted Truls Dahl to its commercial director of land-based and closed technology. Dahl previously served as its global product group health manager.

"Skretting has always had a strong position in the land-based segment for smolt production," said Dahl. "We see that there is great activity in Norway both for increased post-smolt production and for the full production cycle on land.

"Much of this is based on recirculating aquaculture system [RAS] technology, but there are also several exciting projects that use throughput. We will use our knowledge and experience from the hatchery area and from our dominant position as a partner for international RAS projects, to support this technology development."

With Skretting since 1997

"After being in the industry for 24 years, I have in-depth knowledge of the various disciplines and know the organizations and people in the industry," he said. "There are many who will need to succeed for this investment to be a success, and I hope Skretting can be a contributor to make this happen."

Skretting will use its knowledge for how feed affects the water quality and production systems. This is especially important for production results and fish welfare, said Dahl.

The company plans to build on what it already offers in terms of special feed and services for land-based activities.