Becky Martello has been hired by the Washington state-based Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) as the company's new marketing director.

Since March she has served as its director of brand marketing and communications, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Martello describes her role with the company as refining and growing SPC's Alaska Gold brand in the domestic market.

She is also tasked with developing strategic plans that will serve to improve branding, product positioning and retail as well as consumer preference.

Martello is responsible for fleet outreach efforts to build support and confidence among SPC’s 500 fishermen members.

Prior to joining SPC, Martello ran her own marketing firm.

She has also previously served as Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association's (BBRSDA) executive director, where she led the development and execution of a branding and marketing campaign for its consumer-facing brand, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon.