Alaska seafood processor UniSea, a subsidiary of Nissui, has hired Dustin Hamilton to serve as the company's new chief operating officer.

Hamilton, who starts the role in April, comes from the law firm Le Gros Buchanan & Paul, P.S., where he served as a director. At the Seattle firm, Hamilton specialized in civil litigation for maritime law.

Dustin Hamilton is now with UniSea.

In his new role, he will be collaborating "in most aspects of UniSea's operation, production, and team-building endeavors," Hamilton said on a LinkedIn post.

He will also work on reducing UniSea's environmental footprint, overhead and increase its efficiency in the use of Alaska fishery resources, he added

UniSea works with a group of independent fishing vessel owners who deliver seafood to its processing plant in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The company's products include Alaska pollock block, surimi and roe. Pacific cod, Alaska crab and fishmeal and fish oil are also in its product mix.

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