Mowi, the world's largest salmon farmer, promoted Oyvind Oaland to chief operating officer for farming in Norway after holding several executive positions at the company, the latest being chief technology officer.

"Oyvind’s appointment is a significant step towards facilitating increased license utilization and reduced costs in Norway, our most important farming region," said Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim.

Oyvind will be replaced by Chief Sustainability Officer Catarina Martins, who will become both CSO and CTO.

"The new farming structure with separate COOs for Farming Norway, Scotland & Ireland, and Americas and the Faroes strengthens our leadership resources in farming and enables us to adopt an even more hands-on approach than today," Vindheim said.

The two new management changes will take effect on April 14.

In December, Mowi announced changes to its organizational structure and its group management team in order to increase focus on the company's farming entities.

This comes a month after Vindheim, who was formerly CFO, succeeded Alf-Helge Aarskog as CEO , who stepped down in November after almost 10 years in his position.

Analysts at Norway's Sparebank 1 lifted their rating on shares of Mowi, the world's largest salmon farmer, despite the seafood industry suffering from vastly reduced foodservice demand resulting from coronavirus-related closures worldwide.