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Executives at Norwegian salmon giant Mowi cashed in NOK 183.1 million (€17 million/$19.1 million) in share options on Monday as part of the company’s remuneration policy, the group announced on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

In total, executives exercised just over 1 million shares. Mowi purchased the shares at a price of NOK 179.17 (€16.60/$18.60) per share to settle its obligation to deliver the shares, or a total of NOK 183.1 million (€17 million/$19.1 million).

The company reported the total shares exercised by members of its top management group:

  • CEO Ivan Vindheim exercised 118,648 shares worth NOK 21.3 million (€2 million/$2.2 million)
  • Ben Hadfield, COO Farming Scotland and Ireland, exercised 101,112 shares for NOK 18.1 million (€1.7 million/$1.9 million)
  • Per-Roar Gjerde, COO Farming Americas and Faroes, exercised 61,887 shares worth NOK 11.1 million (€1 million/$1.2 million)
  • Ola Brattvoll, COO Sales and Marketing, exercised 86,985 shares worth NOK 15.6 million (€1.4 million/$1.6 million)

After exercising the options the top executives hold the following number of shares and unexercised options in Mowi:




Total unexercised options

Ivan Vindheim


7 248

334 908

Ben Hadfield

COO Farming Scotland and Ireland

7 458

334 908

Per-Roar Gjerde

COO Farming Americas and Faroes


334 908

Ola Brattvoll

COO Sales and Marketing

9 819

334 908